Team Sport Eybl - Karibu Care racing for African Orphans

The Team Sporty Eybl - Karibu Care competes in M8000 to support African Orphans and offers to donate sponsors' funds in case of a win.
Common purpose of Martin Moucka, Christian Pflügl, Tobias Hartenthaler, Lukas Brandstetter, Karl Tutschek, Stefan Lubinger, Walter Kreisel and Martin Pröll is to provide 25 Kenian orphan children with food for a whole year. "This equals about 18.000 meals", says team captain Walter Kreisel. In case of winning M8000, the team and sponsors agreed to donate their funds to Kenia-based aid group Karibu Care. "We welcome any additional sponsors. Any sum, as little it may be, motivates us to train even harder."
Link: Karibu Care Homepage