M8000 starts at dawn, shortly across the Czech border at the shore of lake Moldau. Thanks to our shuttle services, you don‘t need to worry about transportation.

Transition areas will be set up and marked between the track sections - you will pass on to the next team member by exchanging the timing transponder on your foot.

In all our transition areas, food & drink as well as changing will be available; whereever possible we will provide showers and shuttle service. Tips on perfect team organisation will be sent directly to the team manager in time.

The finish line will be set up right in the festival center of Freistadt, where the Mühlviertel Festival is celebrating its opening and over 1000 guests will be cheering the incoming teams. There, as well as at our various Partners‘ along the track, vouchers can be redeem for food and drink.

For perfect organisation and care of all team members, we recommend 2 coaches and at least 1 car per team. Details on shuttle services and transfer routes will be announced in time. .